Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sin Cara Info


Sin Cara is the latest wrestling sensation in the WWE. We will take a look at some of his background and give some Sin Cara information here in this post.

Sin Cara used to wrestle as Mistico in Mexico. He is 28 years old. He was a huge star in the lucha libre CMLL federation. Mistico was the main fan favorite there for a period of time.

He is known for his high flying wrestling moves.

His real name is believed to be Ignacio Almanza.

He is the son of former luchadore Dr. Karonte.

Sin Cara was trained by his father and Tony Salazar.

He feuded with Volador, Jr.

There was a hit comic book in Mexico based on Mistico.

He has wrestled in Japan for the Michinoku Pro group and also for New Japan Pro Wrestling. He held the prestigious IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship and even defended it against the legendary Jushin Liger.

He has pinned Tyson Kidd and Daniel Bryan in WWE wrestling matches. He also teamed with John Cena to defeat Alex Riley and The Miz.

Many exciting things are in store for him as a wrestler in the WWE and we will continue to try to bring you Sin Cara info.