Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sin Cara Action Figures Are Now A Reality

Since his debut, fans have been waiting for Sin Cara action figures, toys and other merchandise for the star wrestler. There are now some that have came out and where they are still relatively new, the demand is high.

The WWE Rumblers series by Mattel has released a 2 pack featuring Cara and Evan Bourne. These are a fun line and the detail is nice for the fun style these represent.

Also new is a  Battle Pack with the man formerly known as Mistico and Daniel Bryan. This is the one that a lot of people were waiting on. These are rather nice action figures. Cara's mask and pants look amazing.

Fans, from children to adults, like to collect the memorabilia in the form of the miniature toy replicas of their favorite performers and toymaker companies like Mattel specialize in making these replicas of prominent figures. Although companies like LNJ were the first ones to have produced miniaturized replica of the wrestlers, Mattel’s version of them are near top of the line and offer extreme articulation, accuracy and incorporate quite a few details in their replicas like the tattoos of the real life hero and details of the accessories, their dress etc. making quite the nice representation of the real life heros and villians.

WWE gave a peek into the Sin Cara’s first action figure by Mattel as a part of their ringside collectibles during Comic Con in San Diego, California in mid July, 2011. Sin Cara memorabilia like replicas of his mask, jacket, arm sleeves, shoes, shirts, jackets, caps, night light, watches and more depicting his trademark mask and such are already available in certain places.

Some other toy companies have produced figures that look suspiciously similar to Sin Cara. These are said to be available in Mexico and other places. The Sin Cara image is course popular now. Certain other lucha wrestlers with their styles of mask and costume have inspired various toys, also.  Sometimes if you look at dollar stores and the like, you will see toys with masks that look like real luchadores, though it will not say it on the package.

But there is no doubt World Wrestling Entertainment will continue to produce more official action figures for Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio Jr., CM Punk, Kane and all the other guys and girls. Fans want them and of course it produces revenue for the company - and Vince McMahon loves that!