Saturday, December 8, 2012

Seth Rollins WWE Wrestler - Information on the Upcoming Talent


He now performs under the name Seth Rollins for WWE, but before that he was known as Tyler Black, Taj the Destroyer, and Gixx. His real name is Colby Lopez and is from Buffalo, Iowa.  He was born in 1986 making him at the time of this writing to be 26 years of age.  His future looks bright, but in this article we are going to examine past info about him.

Rollins debuted  back in 2005 with Scott County Wrestling.  He also then appeared with IWA Mid South and was part of the Ted Petty Invitational tournament.  This is a well known event on the indy wrestling circuit and is held in memory of former star Ted Petty, who was mostly known for being a member of the Public Enemy tag team.  Rollins lost in the quarter finals to Matt Sydal.  Rollins eventually won the SCW heavyweight title.

He also appeared in NWA Midwest and won the tag titles there with Marek Brave.  Around the same time, Rollins made an appearance for TNA Wrestling teaming with Jeff Luxon in a match against Homicide and Hernandez.

From there, Tyler Black or whatever we want to call him went on to compete in Full Impact Pro and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and..


It is with ROH where he mostly was able to turn his career up a notch in terms of exposure and such.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Candice Michelle - Where She At Now?

Candice Michelle is a legendary WWE diva, actress and model.  Many people wonder where she is at now and what she is up to.  We will take a look at that here.

Candice is not in the public spotlight as much now, but in many ways it seems she is leading the best years of her life.  She married Dr. Ken Gee Ehrlich in 2005. He is a chiropractor in the Los Angeles area.  They currently have two daughters together.

Candice is no doubt very busy raising her two children, but she still finds time to be active in other areas, such as with making appearances and using twitter.

Wrestling fans wish that she was still on television week after week, but at the same time they are happy to see her doing well and happy.  The original godaddy girl will always have fans all over the world.

We do not know what the future will hold for Candice Michelle, but we can bet it will be good.