Sunday, November 20, 2011

Did Sin Cara Get Injured at Survivor Series?

A Sin Cara injury happened at WWE Survivor Series pay per view 2011. WWE is reporting that it is a ruptured patellar tendon and that he might be out for 6 to 9 months.

The injury occurred before 4 minutes into the tag team match that he was in. He went to do a dive out of the ring onto Hunico. Cara looked like something gave out and the dive went short and he missed. He was then there ringside in pain and got counted out of the match.

It appears that real damage was done and no faking is going on here. With World Wrestling Entertainment announcing that he will be out for months and with him leaving a ppv match so early, it really looks like the answer to "Did Sin Cara Get Injured at Survivor Series?" would be "yes."

Hopefully he can heal strongly and come back soon. He was starting to gain momentum and many were taking a liking to him. It is said that merchandise sales of his mask and such have been doing good, so we know that WWE likes this. Probably many children like him because of the high flying and his mask and outfit.

We are not sure how long Sin Cara will be out or when will Sin Cara be back or return. The fans will be waiting, though.

It will be interesting to see what Hunico ends up doing and how he gets used. Maybe he will get featured more or maybe the creative team will not know what to do with him now if they were going to keep featuring him in storylines with the man formerly known as Mistico.

Pro wrestling is always unpredictable and dangerous. High flying type moves can be especially, but in this case the guy performing them seemed like something just gave out in an awkward way. What we are saying is that in this case it is not like someone broke a bone due to landing from an acrobatic dive or a thing like that.

In some other news, CM Punk is the new WWE Champ after besting Alberto Del Rio. The Rock and John Cena defeated The Miz and R-Truth. Fans in attendance were happy to see Punk win and glad to see the Rock once again in the ring.