Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sin Cara Ohne Mask?

We received an email with the cryptic message inside of "Sin Cara Ohne Mask?" We figured out that this is German for "Sin Cara Without Mask?" For anyone that hasn't seen it, click that link to see our post that has pictures of the WWE wrestler's face.

It is interesting that pro wrestling is such a global sport. The popularity of it knows no bounds. Of course the guy in question is from Mexico, and then people in Germany and many other countries want to see what he looks like and to learn more details about him.

The athletes with their head's covered is of course a major part of Mexican lucha libre, but it also has a place in the United States, Japan, and all over planet earth.

The luchadore formerly known as Mistico was and still is very famous in his homeland, but it is amazing to think that those in all these different countries are curious about him.


This is a question many are wondering. The fact is that the original had to take a bit of time off and then World Wrestling Entertainment had another guy wearing the same costume.

Now you have probably noticed that he has come back, but the other is still there, and they have had some encounters. They will surely be having a match against each other.

We will post more details soon about these two amazing WWE stars. We will make sure to let everyone know more about the impostor and the first. A photograph of the new one with no wrestling mask will be included. Stay tuned!