Saturday, December 8, 2012

Seth Rollins WWE Wrestler - Information on the Upcoming Talent


He now performs under the name Seth Rollins for WWE, but before that he was known as Tyler Black, Taj the Destroyer, and Gixx. His real name is Colby Lopez and is from Buffalo, Iowa.  He was born in 1986 making him at the time of this writing to be 26 years of age.  His future looks bright, but in this article we are going to examine past info about him.

Rollins debuted  back in 2005 with Scott County Wrestling.  He also then appeared with IWA Mid South and was part of the Ted Petty Invitational tournament.  This is a well known event on the indy wrestling circuit and is held in memory of former star Ted Petty, who was mostly known for being a member of the Public Enemy tag team.  Rollins lost in the quarter finals to Matt Sydal.  Rollins eventually won the SCW heavyweight title.

He also appeared in NWA Midwest and won the tag titles there with Marek Brave.  Around the same time, Rollins made an appearance for TNA Wrestling teaming with Jeff Luxon in a match against Homicide and Hernandez.

From there, Tyler Black or whatever we want to call him went on to compete in Full Impact Pro and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and..


It is with ROH where he mostly was able to turn his career up a notch in terms of exposure and such.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Candice Michelle - Where She At Now?

Candice Michelle is a legendary WWE diva, actress and model.  Many people wonder where she is at now and what she is up to.  We will take a look at that here.

Candice is not in the public spotlight as much now, but in many ways it seems she is leading the best years of her life.  She married Dr. Ken Gee Ehrlich in 2005. He is a chiropractor in the Los Angeles area.  They currently have two daughters together.

Candice is no doubt very busy raising her two children, but she still finds time to be active in other areas, such as with making appearances and using twitter.

Wrestling fans wish that she was still on television week after week, but at the same time they are happy to see her doing well and happy.  The original godaddy girl will always have fans all over the world.

We do not know what the future will hold for Candice Michelle, but we can bet it will be good.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sin Cara Action Figures Are Now A Reality

Since his debut, fans have been waiting for Sin Cara action figures, toys and other merchandise for the star wrestler. There are now some that have came out and where they are still relatively new, the demand is high.

The WWE Rumblers series by Mattel has released a 2 pack featuring Cara and Evan Bourne. These are a fun line and the detail is nice for the fun style these represent.

Also new is a  Battle Pack with the man formerly known as Mistico and Daniel Bryan. This is the one that a lot of people were waiting on. These are rather nice action figures. Cara's mask and pants look amazing.

Fans, from children to adults, like to collect the memorabilia in the form of the miniature toy replicas of their favorite performers and toymaker companies like Mattel specialize in making these replicas of prominent figures. Although companies like LNJ were the first ones to have produced miniaturized replica of the wrestlers, Mattel’s version of them are near top of the line and offer extreme articulation, accuracy and incorporate quite a few details in their replicas like the tattoos of the real life hero and details of the accessories, their dress etc. making quite the nice representation of the real life heros and villians.

WWE gave a peek into the Sin Cara’s first action figure by Mattel as a part of their ringside collectibles during Comic Con in San Diego, California in mid July, 2011. Sin Cara memorabilia like replicas of his mask, jacket, arm sleeves, shoes, shirts, jackets, caps, night light, watches and more depicting his trademark mask and such are already available in certain places.

Some other toy companies have produced figures that look suspiciously similar to Sin Cara. These are said to be available in Mexico and other places. The Sin Cara image is course popular now. Certain other lucha wrestlers with their styles of mask and costume have inspired various toys, also.  Sometimes if you look at dollar stores and the like, you will see toys with masks that look like real luchadores, though it will not say it on the package.

But there is no doubt World Wrestling Entertainment will continue to produce more official action figures for Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio Jr., CM Punk, Kane and all the other guys and girls. Fans want them and of course it produces revenue for the company - and Vince McMahon loves that!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jennifer Stano

As we've said before, this blog is primarily about wrestling, but it is also sometimes about more than that. This probably appears as one of those posts about other topics as the main subject is blogger, designer and model Jennifer Stano David. What some might not realize is that she has at least somewhat of a connection to the wrestling world.

Just what is that connection? Well, she hails from Westchester County, New York, which is also home for legend Paul Heyman. Heyman and Stano know each other, also. You may have noticed some of the postings on the heymanhustle site about Jen.

Another thing is that she was a DX cheerleader on WWE programming. So of course some of you would be wondering what she is up to now. The answer to that is that she has continued doing modeling and related stuff to that, but also she has started her own line of swimwear. More can be read about Jennifer Stano by going over there and reading about her and the Have Faith company. Or if you are so inclined, you can just visit that site to view pictures of the hot ladies in nice swimsuits. Something tells us that might be in the interest of at least a few of our readers here.

Speaking of Paul Heyman, he wrote a book in 2011 with Brock Lesnar. It has received positive reviews mostly, though many have said it is a bit short on pages. The topic of the book is Brock. He is still relatively young, so he may end up having another book some day!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Did Sin Cara Get Injured at Survivor Series?

A Sin Cara injury happened at WWE Survivor Series pay per view 2011. WWE is reporting that it is a ruptured patellar tendon and that he might be out for 6 to 9 months.

The injury occurred before 4 minutes into the tag team match that he was in. He went to do a dive out of the ring onto Hunico. Cara looked like something gave out and the dive went short and he missed. He was then there ringside in pain and got counted out of the match.

It appears that real damage was done and no faking is going on here. With World Wrestling Entertainment announcing that he will be out for months and with him leaving a ppv match so early, it really looks like the answer to "Did Sin Cara Get Injured at Survivor Series?" would be "yes."

Hopefully he can heal strongly and come back soon. He was starting to gain momentum and many were taking a liking to him. It is said that merchandise sales of his mask and such have been doing good, so we know that WWE likes this. Probably many children like him because of the high flying and his mask and outfit.

We are not sure how long Sin Cara will be out or when will Sin Cara be back or return. The fans will be waiting, though.

It will be interesting to see what Hunico ends up doing and how he gets used. Maybe he will get featured more or maybe the creative team will not know what to do with him now if they were going to keep featuring him in storylines with the man formerly known as Mistico.

Pro wrestling is always unpredictable and dangerous. High flying type moves can be especially, but in this case the guy performing them seemed like something just gave out in an awkward way. What we are saying is that in this case it is not like someone broke a bone due to landing from an acrobatic dive or a thing like that.

In some other news, CM Punk is the new WWE Champ after besting Alberto Del Rio. The Rock and John Cena defeated The Miz and R-Truth. Fans in attendance were happy to see Punk win and glad to see the Rock once again in the ring.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wrestling Moves How To

It has come to our attention that many are searching on the internet for how to do wrestling moves. Of course people will look on the web for everything imaginable, but we just want to point something out in relation to this.

What we are going to mention here may be common sense for most, but we will talk about it anyways. This mostly has to do with safety.

You can read about and see examples of holds and such on a computer screen, but what is still of the utmost importance is getting properly trained in person. Whether amateur, school, professional wrestling or whatever the style - there is always a certain level of danger especially if people don't know what they are doing.

That is why we urge people to get coached to be able to understand all the details and such that are needed. For people looking to get involved in the pros, there are wrestling schools that will teach everything one needs to know.

From how to take bumps and how to take care of your opponent to keep things as safe as possible - these are all things that the students learn.

Many peeps have big dreams and want to be the next big WWE star. Everybody has to start somewhere and everybody should start in the proper way.

With this said, the internet can still be a valuable tool for info on wrestling moves how to. People can brush up on the detail and style of moves and also look at new ones that are being performed. The basics learned from the teachings of qualified trainers are the basic platform that is first needed for those looking to actually get into the sport.

It used to be a very secretive club to get involved. Many performers were able to get in because of their family histories. Now is different though, and it is easier than ever to properly be taught the basics and more.

We wish everyone good luck looking to get into the sport as a hobby or even a career. It is not for most, but some will have what it takes to go far in it.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sin Cara Ohne Mask?

We received an email with the cryptic message inside of "Sin Cara Ohne Mask?" We figured out that this is German for "Sin Cara Without Mask?" For anyone that hasn't seen it, click that link to see our post that has pictures of the WWE wrestler's face.

It is interesting that pro wrestling is such a global sport. The popularity of it knows no bounds. Of course the guy in question is from Mexico, and then people in Germany and many other countries want to see what he looks like and to learn more details about him.

The athletes with their head's covered is of course a major part of Mexican lucha libre, but it also has a place in the United States, Japan, and all over planet earth.

The luchadore formerly known as Mistico was and still is very famous in his homeland, but it is amazing to think that those in all these different countries are curious about him.


This is a question many are wondering. The fact is that the original had to take a bit of time off and then World Wrestling Entertainment had another guy wearing the same costume.

Now you have probably noticed that he has come back, but the other is still there, and they have had some encounters. They will surely be having a match against each other.

We will post more details soon about these two amazing WWE stars. We will make sure to let everyone know more about the impostor and the first. A photograph of the new one with no wrestling mask will be included. Stay tuned!