Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jennifer Stano

As we've said before, this blog is primarily about wrestling, but it is also sometimes about more than that. This probably appears as one of those posts about other topics as the main subject is blogger, designer and model Jennifer Stano David. What some might not realize is that she has at least somewhat of a connection to the wrestling world.

Just what is that connection? Well, she hails from Westchester County, New York, which is also home for legend Paul Heyman. Heyman and Stano know each other, also. You may have noticed some of the postings on the heymanhustle site about Jen.

Another thing is that she was a DX cheerleader on WWE programming. So of course some of you would be wondering what she is up to now. The answer to that is that she has continued doing modeling and related stuff to that, but also she has started her own line of swimwear. More can be read about Jennifer Stano by going over there and reading about her and the Have Faith company. Or if you are so inclined, you can just visit that site to view pictures of the hot ladies in nice swimsuits. Something tells us that might be in the interest of at least a few of our readers here.

Speaking of Paul Heyman, he wrote a book in 2011 with Brock Lesnar. It has received positive reviews mostly, though many have said it is a bit short on pages. The topic of the book is Brock. He is still relatively young, so he may end up having another book some day!