Monday, June 15, 2009

Donald Trump Buys Raw - WWE Monday Night

On tonight's WWE Monday Night Raw television program on the USA channel, Vince McMahon announced that Donald Trump had purchased the show. Vince said he will remain Chairman. Donald indicated that he would be there next week and the broadcast would not have any commercials.

Who knows where they will take this storyline. Trump seems to like to be on tv in any way that he can.

It was also interesting to see Goldest appear with Hornswoggle.

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  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I think at this point in time the worst thing Golddust could do is turn back into Dustin Rhodes... He'd just be a tall out-of-shape Texan like that guy they had in the tag team that started singing...

    They need to push Golddust, then once on the cusp of greatness, get taken out by his brother - who is ashamed of him and then the feud goes on...

    As for firing Vince... I wish it was Eric Bishoff or Ted Turner "buying" RAW...