Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Captain Lou Albano dies - wrestler, manager, actor - dead at 76

Former WWF (now WWE) performer Captain Lou Albano has passed away today. The cause of death is not currently known. His real name was Louis Vincent Albano.

He started wrestling in the 1950s. He gained a lot of fame in the 1980s for appearing in Cyndi Lauper's hit music videos and also due to her involvement at wrestling events. MTV and the WWF had a partnership to cross-promote at the time.

He went on to get into acting appearing in shows such as Miami Vice and for The Super Mario Brothers Super Show.

He liked to wear Hawaiian shirts and rubber bands around his beard.

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  1. I grew up watching the tail end of his career as a manager. Even then, I could see that he was something special. He had a gift for gab.