Friday, March 12, 2010

John Cena Moves - Finisher Moveset etc.

John Cena moves list is below. WWE wrestling star John Cena has used various wrestling moves throughout his career. Back when he first had the Prototype character in Ohio Valley Wrestling, the number of moves he had done wasn't as big, of course. Throughout his career he has added more holds and expanded his moveset.

Finishing moves :
- STFU submission
- FU modified death valley driver
- Protobomb / Killswitch

Some other wrestling moves :
- kick
- punch
- leaping shoulderblock
- stalling suplex
- dropkick
- elbow
- throwback running neck snap
- waving hand in front of face
- spinebuster
- bulldog
- swinging fishermanbuster
- dropkick
- five knuckle shuffle

This is not a complete John Cena moves list. This highlights most of his main moves and holds. Depending on where his career takes him, John may add more to his repertoire as time passes. Cena once got to perform the FU on Kevin Federline. This received quite a bit of mainstream publicity. We will have to see where the future takes the Massachusetts native.


  1. Hey John, thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving such positive feedback. Indeed good deeds are a great way to refocus ourselves.

  2. John Cena has a lot more moves than people give him credit for.