Friday, January 28, 2011

Wrestling Moves That Hurt

I know some pro wrestlers and one of the questions that they tell me that they get frequently is "what are the wrestling moves that hurt?" Some people want to know which moves would hurt the most if done in a real fight, others are talking about the pain caused in scripted matches.

A lot of this is obvious really. Moves that impact the neck like piledrivers and such could cause death. In Mexico, when a piledriver is done, the person sells it like they have been shot with a gun.

Things like figure four leg locks could break legs. If you use common sense and just take a look at how the moves would be being done and what body parts they are impacting, then you can usually estimate the damage that they would do.

Now others want to know what pain and damage is done in scripted matches with wrestling moves. The object is not to cause any or little pain at all, but this is basically impossible with the way that people want their matches to turn out looking. Still though, a move like a sleeper hold could put someone out for real, but in a worked match, little pressure would be being applied.

Flying maneuvers can be particularly dangerous. Both for those that are doing them and for those that are being landed on.

Basically any wrestling move can hurt if done in a rough way. Though again, something like the sleeper isn't typically going to be done that rough, even if they make it look like so.

One move that doesn't hurt for real or worked matches was when the Bushwhackers would lick their opponents faces. Of course we are talking about physical pain, as this probably did cause some legit emotional pain for some!

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  1. I've applied the figure four leg lock before to friends. It doesn't hurt if you don't apply pressure.